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We The People have been lead astray by the dishonest legacy media, and today, anyone that has been paying attention knows we are very close to losing our freedoms and ultimately our children's futures to a bunch of global tyrants. The Legacy Media continues to play a major part in concealing truths and continuing the false narrative, even when this leads destruction. 

The founders of The America Happens Network sought to create a network that is the anti-thesis of what the mocking bird media has to offer - transparent, seeking truth, abhorring censorship, investigating scum-baggery, exposing global and local tyrants, and providing entertainment without a sinister agenda. 

We love Freedom. We love America. And We believe in America 2.0, where we reclaim the full rights and freedoms of our constitution and defeat the influence of globalist tyrants upon America and the World. 


Vem Miller

Vem Miller has a 25 year history in Film and TV production. Vem began his career as a music video director for Artists including DMX, John Mayer, Master P, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Alien Ant Farm, DJ Premier, Jerry Seinfeld, the X-ecutioners, and More. Vem has sold and produced TV Shows for Networks including A&E, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Netflix, Paramount Networks / Spike TV, TruTV, Lifetime, Vice, and more. 


Vem Miller hosts the podcast Blood Money, as well as AHN News Live with Corinne Clifford. 

Vem has interviewed the likes of Thomas Renz, Dr Peter McCullough, Patrick Byrne, Loy Brunson, and Many More. 


Mindy Robinson is an independent investigator and a journalist for the DC Patriot. She got her start in media as an actress and TV show personality which turned into her using her a platform for political commenting and constitutional activism. She has written and narrated multiple documentaries, including "Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up" about the Las Vegas Shooting, and "What Really Happened on J6" about how the Feds set up Patriots to prevent future protesting against election fraud and a corrupt Congress.


Mindy produces two shows on the America Happens Network, Conspiracy Truths, and Dismantling D.C. 


Corinne Cliford is an Independent Journalist based in Washington, D.C. since 2021. She is one of the few jouralists documeting the January 6th trials and events without bias. She has personal relationships with many of the J6 Defendants. 

Corinne has also covered the East Palestine chemical disaster, as well as the Maui fires, and traveled to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to investigate the origins of Covid. Corinne Cliford has interviewed the likes of General Flynn, Pastor Artur Pawlowsli, Tina Peters, J6 Political Prisoners Jacob Lang, Stewart Rhodes, and many more. 

Corinne graduated from the University of Southern California and started as a live streamer in 2017. The Covid Closures of 2020 opened her eyes to the truth.

She currently Hosts AHN News on The America Happens Network. and Corinne UnRedacted.

Please feel free to email her at WeLoveCorinne@Gmail.Com or text her direct at 1.917.287.1314. You can find her on all of the social media sites. 

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