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America Happens was started by Artists, Producers and Entrepreneurs who detest what the mainstream media has become. 

America Happens motto is "Rage Against the Mainstream Media." Our goal is to be a shining voice for all our Freedoms. 

We are fully crowdfunded, and thats how we stay answerable to only WE THE PEOPLE. 

Please consider supporting us:


Vem Miller

Vem Miller has a 25 year history in Film and TV production, and has sold and produced over a quarter of a billion dollars worth of content. Vem began his career as a music video director for Artists including DMX, John Mayer, Master P, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Alien Ant Farm, DJ Premier, Jerry Seinfeld, the X-ecutioners, and More. Vem has sold and produced TV Shows for Networks including A&E, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Netflix, Paramount Networks / Spike TV, TruTV, Lifetime, Vice, and more. Vem Miller was one of the first Executive Producers brought on to start the TV Network Viceland, with a $300 million working budget under his team. Viceland presented the promise of truth in media, which unfortunately quickly turned into a woke nightmare as politics invaded art circa 2017-2019. It was this invasion of politics into media that made Vem leave the traditional film and TV industry in order to pave a path of his own. 

Vem Miller has been building The America Happens Network with his producing partner Travis Ebarb. Vem Miller also hosts the podcast Blood Money, as well as AHN News Live with Corinne Clifford. 

Vem has interviewed the likes of Thomas Renz, Dr Peter McCullough, Patrick Byrne, Loy Brunson, and Many More. 

Travis Ebarb

Travis Ebarb was catapulted on to the battlefields of the new American Freedom Revolution, on the campaign trails of constitutional conservative candidates looking to stop and U-Turn this country back to its core constitutional values.


Travis's expertise lies in the development, distribution, management and creation of media for America First, Constitutional political candidates, activists and freedom fighters foundations. As one of the founders of Studio 17, Travis brings a conglomerate of experience in media, content creation, political campaigns, marketing and advocacy.

Travis is also one of the main principals of The America Happens Network ( Travis, Andrea and Vem currently produce over 20 shows and podcasts for and The America Happens Network. Having built successful businesses and brands for the past two decades, Travis poses a unique combination of business and creative acumen that makes him one of the brilliant minds in this new media landscape and one of the most sought after producers. 


Travis has worked with the likes of General Flynn, Joey Gilbert, Thomas Renz, Christie Hutcherson, Meri Crowley, Tina Peters, Mindy Robinson, Leigh Dundas, and many more.


Mindy Robinson is an independent investigator and a journalist for the DC Patriot. She got her start in media as an actress and TV show personality which turned into her using her a platform for political commenting and constitutional activism. She has written and narrated multiple documentaries, including "Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up" about the Las Vegas Shooting, and "What Really Happened on J6" about how the Feds set up Patriots to prevent future protesting against election fraud and a corrupt Congress.


Mindy produces two shows on the America Happens Network, Conspiracy Truths, and Dismantling D.C. 

Aysha Kahn

Aysha Kahn received a BA for Broadcasting and Communications from Cal State Fullerton. Following this, Aysha gained extensive experience in corporate management, organizing and producing. Some of her past employers include ESports, AFM (American Film Market), Playstation, E3, 

Aysha currently helps to organize events and outreach to key members of the medical freedom community. Aysha helps produce over 12 Shows and Podcasts for, and 

Aysha also has a Paralegal Degree from UNLV. 

Gabe RAyes

Gabe Rayes found his calling when tyrannical mandates started to take over this nation. He quickly realized that those that were speaking out against the tyranny were being targeted by corrupt forces. 

Gabe, realizing the importance of Media and Information in this war for our rights, decided to teach himself media production and editing. 

Currently, Gabe helps to co-produce and edit 6 shows and podcasts for 

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