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The America's Frontline Doctors Controversy

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Americas Frontline Doctors of late. The current board of Americas Frontline Doctors has fired Dr Gold for what they say is misappropriation of funds. Dr. Gold has been spinning another narrative, accusing all the board members of criminal wrongdoings, an assertion that the courts have rejected. The opposing narratives has created a lot of confusion within the Medical Freedom Community.


In order to be FULLY TRANSPARENT, America Happens has placed all the court filings and decisions on this page, so the people out there can see the truth about what has transpired in court, rather than selective narratives and PR spins.

The Judge's decision to 
rule in the favor of the current 
AFLDS board against Dr. Gold
2023-02-1.(signed) Defendants' Notice of Filing Proposed Form of Order
2023-02-21.Reply ISO of MTD Counterclaims
2023-01-23.MTD Counterclaims
2023-02-13.(signed) Response to Plaintiff's Motion to Dismiss
2023-01-18.Response to Defendants MTD 
2023-02-10.Response to Defendants proposed order of 2-1-23 with Exhibits.pdf
2023-01-18.(signed) Defendants' Notice of Filing Declarations.pdf
2023-02-07.(signed) Defendants' Motion for Expedited Ruling
2023-01-11.Response to Motion for TRO and Preliminary Injunction.pdf
2023-02-03.(signed) Reply in Support of Defendants' Motion to Dismiss.pdf
2022-12-28.(signed) Partial Motion to Dismiss
2022-12-28.(signed) Partial Motion to Dismiss
2022-12-28.(signed) Answer to Verified Complaint and Counterclaim.pdf
2022-12-28 TRO/PI App. no exhibits.pdf
2022-12-06.Application for TRO W Exhibits
2022-11-23.Verified Complaint Filed
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