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Andrew Tate and the Genocide of Man" with Andrea Wexelblatt

Vem Miller and Andrea Wexelblatt discuss the incarceration of Andrew Tate. Currently, no evidence has been presented to justify the incarceration of the Tate brothers. According to numerous sources, his incarceration is solely due to marxist forces in the USA and the UK being threatened by his 'influence'. In short, they are trying to Julian Assange him. Is this is part of an ongoing trend where marxist forces have set their eyes on the destruction of masculinity? Why are people like Andrew Tate such a threat to the powers that be? Andrea Wexelblatt and Vem Miller discuss all of the above.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please view this Paul Joseph Watson video in order to get some perspective on the injustices being committed against the Tate Brothers.

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