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Answering the call to Save a Falling Nation - w/ Liberty Warrior Nation

Blood Money Episode 87

Vem Miller interviews LW from Liberty Warrior Nation. 6pm PST Monday May 8, 2023 LW Bio: It started with a man and his laptop…answering a call form God. I come form the school of hard knocks. I have worked for everything I have and had. Lost it all, gained it back. Got knocked down and stood backup. God has always been there to carry me when needed and pushed me when he could. Nothing in this world meets you halfway. My greatest accomplishment in life was becoming a father. I’ve built many successful businesses and dared to take a step of faith in becoming a podcaster. This country is crying out for God, patriots and heroes. I’m choosing to be a patriot. Uniting this country is my passion and spreading Gods message is my calling. Join me at LIBERTY WARRIOR NATION for and inspiring look at life, politics, current events and a world view from 30,000 feet. Those top 3 social media:

FACEBOOK @libertywarriornation Twitter @LWN2022 Truth social @libertywarriornation


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