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Brunson Brothers 2020 Election Case goes to Supreme Court

Vem Miller interviews Loy Brunson. Loy Brunson, and his brothers, have launched multiple lawsuits to correct the wrongs of the constitution not being protected and upheld during the 2020 Election.

Not a single of the Brunson Brothers are attorneys, yet they took it upon themselves to learn the law, remove the false mystification placed upon the law by attorneys and BAR members, and to take the law for what it is - to protect WE THE PEOPLE from the tyrants.

All the “Law Firms” out there told the Brunson Brothers that their case would never make it. Yet the Brunson Brothers 2020 is to be heard in Supreme Court on February 17, 2023.

This is an achievement of legendary proportions. These are non attorneys presenting themselves, and they made it to the Supreme Court!

Loy Brunson joins us to discuss his and his brothers journey to the supreme court, what got him there, details of the case, his expectations, and where things go from here in terms of the fight against Tyranny, and a political body that is nearly wholly corrupted.

Support the Brunson Brothers! Learn what they are doing!

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