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Christie vs. The Cartel

Vem Miller interviews the impeccable Christie Hutcherson. Christie Hutcherson has worked in high levels of the US Government. Upon the opening of the border for mass illegal immigration, she started spending her own time and dime to go to the border dozens of times in order to document the carnage. She put her life on the line, and has been attacked multiple times for trying to expose the truth. She has 24 hour security in order to protect her life. Christie is on the frontlines of the fight for freedom.

Bio: Christie Hutcherson is the Founder, President, and Spokesperson for Women Fighting for America LLC. (WFFA). She is widely recognized as a geopolitical security expert and sought-after speaker with broad connections into the Freedom Movement.43 Border Ops Missions. 2,500+ Miles on the Border.

Christie is a front-line fighter for freedom. She is one of the only Americans who has traveled the entire 2,000 miles of the southern border and hundreds of miles of our forgotten northern border in her quest to save America. Christie has led 43 border missions establishing Women Fighting for America as a clear leader in exposing and fighting the corruption on our borders.

She has seen firsthand the devastation of illegal immigration, child and human trafficking, organ trafficking, massive amounts of lethal drugs entering the United States, and the atrocities committed by the transnational criminal organizations. Instagram: @womenfightingforamerica Facebook: Twitter: WffaInAmerica Rumble Channel: Women Fighting for America with Christie Hutcherson

Help fund the fight. TEXT FIGHT TO 91776 Become a WARRIOR WFFA Mailing Address: 11250 Old St. Augustine Rd, Ste 15-207 Jacksonville, FL 32257

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