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Connie Reguli is a Criminal, a Fraudster, and a Destroyer of Lives

Vem Miller interviews Elliott Cunningham about what happened to his Son John David Cunningham. John David Cunningham was married to the adopted daughter of Connie Reguli, a Tennessee Based family law attorney who has been since suspended from practice. Connie has been convicted of crimes, and is currently facing aggravated perjury charges. Connie has become to be known as a powerful and ruthless family law attorney who is willing to do anything to win cases, including doing blatantly criminal deeds. In the case of John David Cunningham, Elliott Cunningham presents evidence that John David Cunningham is innocent of all accusations that he raped his 6 year old daughter. In fact, there is not a single piece of legitimate evidence to suggest that John David Cunningham did anything of the kind. Unfortunately, due to a highly corrupted legal process, with Connie Reguli driving the bus, John David Cunningham was recently convicted of raping his 6 year old daughter, and is now facing 250 Years in Jail.

This episode breaks down how Connie Reguli orchestrated this blatantly corrupt legal process that resulted in the destruction of John David Cunningham's life. This episode also breaks down how easy it is to destroy a man's life in America today, where 3rd wave feminism and highly corrupt courts avoid due process with agenda of convincing innocent men and collecting the financial spoils that come as a result of this blatant and tyrannical corruption.

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