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Ending the Despicable Medical Industrial Complex w/ Dr Alan Bain (Eps 131)

Vem Miller interviews Dr. Alan Bain. Blood Money Episode 131 Please consider donating to We are crowdfunded media, and thats how we keep lies and special interests out of the media.

Dr. Alan Bain, a distinguished primary care internist with over 35 years of experience, has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the medical field. In 1996, he founded the Chicago Health and Wellness Alliance, an esteemed general practice renowned for its exceptional blend of clinical treatments designed to promote healing. The Alliance staunchly advocates for the integration of Eastern and Western medicine, recognizing the multitude of benefits this patient-centered and observationally- driven analysis approach brings to disease diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Bain's illustrious journey in medicine began with the attainment of his medical degree from the Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1988. He furthered his education at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, specializing in internal medicine. Driven by an unwavering passion for delivering exceptional care, he embarked on a career at a hospital, serving as a preceptor under a family practice residency program. In April 1996, Dr. Bain's dedication and commitment to providing exemplary healthcare led him to establish his own practice. Dr. Bain has been fortunate to have the unwavering support of his loving wife, who has been a constant pillar by his side as he seeks to participate in the ongoing study as an enthusiastic participant in further research on Covid-19 and its treatments. Her steadfast support has played an instrumental role in Dr. Bain's professional success and in fulfilling what he believes to be his life's true calling. When the world was confronted with the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Bain fearlessly rose to the occasion. Guided by his belief in the body's innate capacity to strengthen its immune system, he forged a unique treatment approach that departed from solely relying on vaccines. Dr. Bain embraced observationally-driven analysis and empirical thinking, seeking a comprehensive and tailored strategy to combat the virus. His dedication to carefully assessing patients' symptoms and concerns allowed him to provide holistic care, departing from mainstream approaches advocated by institutions. Several cases involving the administration of Ivermectin in hospital settings were brought before the courts, where Dr. Bain provided expert testimony resulting in victories for the administration of Ivermectin to patients. He takes immense pride in his accomplishments, particularly his significant contributions to working with Ivermectin. Through a multimodal therapeutic approach, he has successfully aided patients in recovering from ventilator dependency and provided effective treatment for numerous individuals in the comfort of their homes, sparing them from hospitalization. Dr. Bain's unwavering commitment to finding safe alternatives for those who prefer not to visit hospitals has been instrumental in reshaping the approach to healthcare. Dr. Bain, unyielding in his pursuit of evidence-based medicine, maintained reservations about the widely promoted COVID-19 vaccine, recognizing the need for more comprehensive research. In his relentless quest for alternative treatment options, he prioritizes empirical thinking and clinical observational knowledge, ensuring that his patients receive the most informed and effective care available. Dr. Bain seeks to find clues to give him an understanding of what the virus or spike proteins might be doing, further enhancing his ability to provide comprehensive and tailored care. Moreover, Dr. Bain's firsthand experience in treating patients who suffered vaccination injuries has provided him with invaluable insights into the intricate physiological breakdown caused by long-term Covid and the potential complications arising from spike proteins. This intimate knowledge has elevated his expertise as an internist, enabling him to deliver specialized care and unwavering support to those grappling with these challenges. Remaining at the forefront of COVID-19 treatment advancements, Dr. Bain remains dedicated to ongoing study and research, drawing from diverse sources to remain abreast of the latest developments. Through fruitful collaborations with fellow doctors, he eagerly shares his findings and actively contributes to fostering a collective understanding of the virus, driving continued progress within the medical community. Beyond his clinical practice, Dr. Bain recognizes the broader challenges faced by the healthcare industry today. He firmly believes that physicians should not allow public policy to dictate patient treatment, and he advocates for unwavering honesty, transparency in research, and the disengagement of research from privatization in public policy. By championing these principles, Dr. Bain strives to ensure that scientific studies and findings remain impartial, transparent, and dedicated to advancing knowledge and public well-being, free from commercial interests. His deep respect for the autonomy of his patients fosters a true partnership where individuals can make informed decisions about their healthcare, free from the influence of institutional power structures. As a member of the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS) and the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), he actively collaborates with colleagues, sharing findings and engaging in collaborations to expand the collective understanding of the virus. Dr. Bain firmly believes in the power of collaboration and collective wisdom to foster progress and create positive change. In an era when many doctors hesitated to challenge public policy, Dr. Bain fearlessly advocated for the use of Ivermectin and tirelessly protected the well-being of his patients. Excelling in his dual role as a compassionate physician and an advocate for individual freedom and patient choice in healthcare. Dr. Bain aspires to be an exemplar for aspiring doctors and healthcare professionals, recognizing the importance of courageous voices in effecting change. He firmly believes that the future leaders of the medical community must possess the audacity to speak out against injustice, exercise independent judgment, and conduct thorough research. Through his dedication to his patients, Dr. Bain embodies the principles of compassion, an eagerness to seek answers and integrity. With a firm belief in the potential of integrated medicine and a commitment to individualized care, he continues to make a profound impact on the healthcare landscape. Driven by his resolute dedication to informed consent, patient- centered care, and empirical thinking, Dr. Alan Bain stands as a true freedom fighter in the realm of healthcare. He fearlessly challenges the status quo and empowers his patients to make sound, educated decisions about their own well-being. His unwavering commitment to championing these fundamental values further solidifies his position as a trailblazer in the pursuit of a healthcare system that respects and upholds the rights of every individual.

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