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Fighting Cancer the Natural Way w/ Baby Trump

Blood Money Episode 141 Vem Miller interviews Chris Eryx (aka Baby Trump)

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Chris Eryx aka Baby Trump has been touring all over the country at patriot events speaking about faith family freedom incorporating healing forgiveness and loving one another the right way into his messages. He is a former Chippendale dancer and Playgirl centerfold as well as having his own reality show on HGTV!!

Chris Eryx is globally known for his efforts in helping to heal people from the inside out and his 3 days a week podcast Flex The Truth where he evangelizes about practical solutions how to navigate thru this world. He also has guests that he gets close and personal with and asks the questions no one else is asking! He is a researcher and finds people and subjects that people aren’t sharing on other shows.

Last year he had his own creation of the RECKONING FEST UNCENSORED EVENTS WHERE he was the 1st one to have an UNCENSORED EVENT!!! He had 3 shows 2 of them SOLD OUT!!!

After his last event in April he was diagnosed w Stage 3 head and neck cancer. In ONLY 3 weeks he found a way to shrink his tumor and double his immune system!!!

Chris is currently working on 2-3 events to end this year STRONGER THAN EVER!!!

Chris says when he speaks his mission is to move and or touch and inspire people to take action!

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