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Filling the God Sized Hole in Your Heart w/ Paul Davis Episode 151)

Vem Miller interviews Paul Davis Paul Davis is a Texas attorney who has been practicing law since 2011. Paul graduated from the top-tier University of Texas School of Law and practiced with 2 large, international law firms for 9 years in civil litigation and employment law before accepting an in-house counsel job with Goosehead Insurance, a nationwide property and casualty insurance brokerage. Paul started his own law firm in 2021 after Goosehead fired him for peacefully protesting outside the US Capitol on January 6. Paul then started his own law firm and has used his employment law and litigation skills to save hundreds of jobs of workers facing vaccine mandates and is suing employers for wrongful terminations, suing school board officials who are indoctrinating kids, suing social media platforms for censorship, and pursuing a variety of other civil rights claims to fight back against government tyranny.

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