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Finding Freedom and Getting Out of a Tyrannous System w Chief Mahto (Marcus Reum)Eps113

Blood Money Episode 113 with Chief Mahto (Marcus Reum) Please consider donating to We are crowdfunded media, and thats how we keep lies and special interests out of the media. 😎DONATE: Vem Miller Interviews Marcus Reum.

Headshot: Bio: Marcus-Troy:Reum./King/Chief Mahto, son of Mahto Chatga Taiopiota (Left Handed Bear Wounded Many Times) was conceived and hatched in the Teton Mountain Range of Idaho. He leads a Tribe of American "Indians" (Any American born on U.S.A. soil)who are devoted to lawful and peaceful change through education. The Mahto Tribe seeks to establish private Mahto Villages in every county in America.

All PRIVATE Mahto Villages have year round growing operations (Vivienne's Markets), accept all currencies, return "Mahto Wampum" for change to members, offer interest-free loans to Tribal Members, business loans to PUBLIC entities only, have their own legal teams, orphanages, Constitution, and also offer 50% discounts on all fruits and vegetables to U.S. Citizens, because we appreciate all tax paying government workers, and every American who unwittingly slaves for debt instruments. Mahto Wampum is backed by the full faith and credit of our Village owners, who are all American Indians, or "We The People."

The Mahto Tribe of American Indians are PEACEFUL, LAW-ABIDING, NEUTRAL parties in any war between (British) U.S. CITIZENS and the (British-owned) corporation known as the "UNITED STATES." We advocate for peace, tranquility, and love, and seek to build self-sustaining Villages to feed and educate our communities. We are at war with ignorance, not principalities or governments, and seek to educate those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

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