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Following the Righteous Path Even When...

Following the Righteous Path Even When Faced with Evil and Destruction.

Vem Miller interviews Scott Miller, One of the few doctors, literally 1 out of 10000 that stood up against the Covid Holocaust.

Bio: Scott Miller, former pediatric PA and previous owner of Miller Family Pediatrics practiced pediatric medicine for 15 years and opened my own pediatric medical practice a couple years prior to the covid outbreak. When the country shut down in March 2020, he watched in curious disgust at Drs. Fauci and Birx overtly lied to the nation, claiming that there is no possible way to treat or combat this novel virus. He began studying and researching everything he could find and eventually came across a study out of Italy on March 15th 2020, and iit was the literal blueprint of the virus and pathogenic mechanisms of portal entry, replication, target organs, and spreads of sites of shedding into the environment.

On April 5th of 2020 he watched a video that discussed the in-vitro ivermectin studies done in Australia which demonstrated the ability of the antiparasitic drug which he had used frequently over the last 13 years, to inhibit viral replication within 48 hours.

Armed with the mechanisms of entry, replication, and tissue destruction along with what I considered at that time to be mountains of data for a novel virus, Miller began sharing what he had discovered and treating anyone suspected of having covid. Over the next 18 months he had the honor and privilege of treating many thousands of people until the emergency suspension of my medical license by the Washington Medical Commission, who stated that I was going against CDC guidelines, practicing below the standard of care, spreading misinformation as “ the most dangerous man in Washington”, according to the State attorneys general.

Since then, he has continued his mission to spread truth and aid those who have been affected or injured, and am frequently contacted by families to advocate for their loved one in a hospital. Through God's grace and guidance, he have been successful in getting over 100 people out of the ICU or off mechanical ventilation and home to their families.

He was able to educate and open the eyes of hundreds of local families and wrote enough mask exemptions for children going to several of our local private Christian schools that it forced the principal to allow children to do in class learning without facial coverings or social distancing, and for the proverbial, nail in the coffin, he spoke out against and wrote many medical vaccine exemptions.

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