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How To Kill Spike Proteins in Your System

Vem Miller Interviews Dr Joe Nieusma, a Senior Toxicologist with Superior Toxicology & Wellness, an international scientific consulting firm that Dr Nieusma also founded.

Dr Nieusma has been actively involved in toxicology research for the past 30 years with six published manuscripts. The majority of his work, especially in the pharmaceutical industry and consulting, has been conducted in an industrial setting and published only within the company or to a client.

Dr Nieusma has completed over 2000 drug monographs which highlighted potency, pharmacokinetics, acute adverse effects, chronic adverse effects, irritant properties, sensitizing properties, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, requirements for medical attention in an exposure, cumulative effects and developmental or reproductive effects of these pharmaceutical agents.

Dr. Nieusma is involved in the determination of causation when there are reported effects possibly due to drug exposure in a worker population.

Through his experience, professional judgment and knowledge of the drug, he formulates an opinion as to whether a certain effect is possibly due to exposure to a pharmaceutical agent in question.

These opinions have been utilized for deciding who was responsible for treatment of the injured worker, the company doctor or the employee’s personal doctor and whether a drug exposure was intentional by an employee or accidental in the course of work performed for the company.

His company TwinOxide removes all carcinogens from treated water, and currently, he works privately with clients to help them address health issues through methods that are often concealed from the public.

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