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I was removed from office for using my freedom of speech

Vem Miller interviews Couy Griffin. Couy Griffin, a former street evangelist, turned pastor, turned politician, Couy has looked inside and experienced the "belly of the beast".

Couy was elected as a County Commissioner in New Mexico in 2018. At the start of his tenure as commissioner Couy was impressed by President Trumps efforts to secure the border and formed a political support group called Cowboys for Trump. Thru this organization Couy met the President and built a relationship out of respect and love for country.

As the 2020 elections results came in and the question of integrity arose Couy answered the Presidents call to join other patriots in Washington DC on January 6th. Couy stood peacefully and patriotically outside of the Capitol yet was singled out and charged by the United States Government. The FBI arrested Couy on January 17th on a misdemeanor trespass charge and he spent 3 weeks in solitary confinement in what is called the DC Gulag.

After returning to NM a civil lawsuit was filed against Commissioner Griffin accusing him of "insurrection" and threatening with removal of office. In a civil bench trial a state district court judge ruled Commissioner Griffin guilty of insurrection and ordered him to be removed from office.

This is the first time an elected American official has been removed from office on ground of insurrection in over 150 years.

The fight is far from over. Appeals have been filed both on the removal order as well as the trespassing charge from January 6th. Couy is hoping that by reading of this attack, and hearing his story, an alliance can be forged to take us into sure victory as we move forward.

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