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"LAW vs LEGAL" How You Have Consented To Slavery And How To Get Out

“Law VS Legal, how you have consented to slavery, and how to get out.”

Vem Miller interviews Jennifer Goodwin, an expert on the differences between Law vs Legal.

You see, first there was the Law. Law is the Law of God. It is the foundation and inspiration to all legal documents that pertain to the Freedom of We the People, which includes the US Constitution, the Magna Carta, and the Charter of Human Rights (to a certain degree).

Legal is the creation of the BAR and legal societies. While Law tells you that you as a man or a woman can take dominion over the earth, Legal is the opposite of Law, and diminishes your rights as a Man or a Woman.

And here is the kicker. You have consented, albeit unknowingly, to giving away your God Given Rights, and instead being ruled over by the legal societies. Rather than being a real man or woman, you have willingly become the equivalent of chattel for the legal societies.

Jennifer Goodwin explains how to get out of this fraudulent world. Jennifer’s teaching have been heard around the world and she is one of the premier experts of Law Vs. Legal.

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