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Medicine 1.0 is dead. What will Medicine 2.0 look like? with Heather Gosling (Eps 93)

Blood Money Episode 93

In this two episode block of Blood Money episodes, we feature Episode 93 with Heather Gessling, who helps run The Wellness Company. The Wellness Company is helping to pave the path for Medicine 2.0, embracing many approaches to medicine, and the frontline doctors who follow the true science. Following Episode 93, we feature Blood Money Episode 67 with Dr Peter McCullough. Dr Peter McCullough was one of the frontline doctors who stood against the jab and the false narrative of the covid pandemic. Dr Peter McCullough gives us an update from the frontline battles for medical freedom and for justice for those affected by the covid scamdemic. Bio Heather Gessling: Heather Gessling, MD is a proud wife and mom to three beautiful children from Columbia, MO. She graduated from Oklahoma Christian University with a B.S. in Biochemistry and went on to medical school and residency at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Dr. Gessling is Board Certified in Family Medicine through the American Board of Family Medicine. She was Chief of Staff at a hospital in Missouri for six years until the summer of 2021 when she opened up an independent practice. The pandemic opened her eyes to the corruption of the healthcare industry through governmental, corporate, and pharmaceutical company influences. This has led her to fight for change within the broken system and to fight for the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship. She is now COO of the Chief Medical Board for The Wellness Company.

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Dr Peter McCullough is a Public figure, physician, author, scholar, news analyst, commentator,

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