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Not Letting the Tyrants have your loved ones Die Alone

Not Letting the Tyrants Have Your Loved Ones Die Alone

Vem Miller interviews Steve Reiter, founder of the Never Alone Project.

Steve Reiter is a 26-year internationally syndicated broadcasting professional. He spent 12+ years working on the internationally syndicated radio show, Focus on the Family, where he was overseeing the production team in 2008 when FOTF was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame (beating out Howard Stern, Bob Costas, and Dr. Laura). He left his award-winning stint in 2010 to help spearhead what ended up being the largest rollout in radio history at Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, where he was the 2nd employee Dr. Dobson hired.

Armed with those 25+ years of experience, he brings a unique perspective to the podcasting space. With StrengthsFinder Top 5 strengths like Ideation, Strategic Thinking, Positivity, Adaptability, and Activator for his StrengthsFinder Top 5, you’ll get fresh ideas that work for you and someone to help positively navigate the inevitable curveballs that come your way in the execution of that vision.

Most recently, he founded the nonprofit, The NEVER Alone Project. Born out of the forced isolation his 40-year-old wife was forced to endure when she was hospitalized in April & May 2020 (not COVID related) and her subsequent death after 21 days, he created The NEVER Alone Project to address the critical issue of the importance of advocates and loved ones in the lives of anyone facing some kind of medical appointment, procedure, stay, etc. Their goal is to codify in national law the patient’s right to at least one screened visitor per day with no time limits.

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