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Prosecuting Monsters for Crimes Against Humanity

Vem Miller interviews Stanford Graham, who is leading the charge as a lawyer and activist in having those who were behind the creation of Covid 19 and the Vaccine prosecuted for homicide.

Stanford Graham is also the co-founder of Prosecute Now and works closely with co-founder, Dr. David E. Martin, PhD. Prosecute Now is a citizen platform working with and facilitating county law enforcement in the criminal investigations and prosecutions of Ralph Baric, creator of the spike protein bio-weapon deployed in the gene therapy injections over the last 2+ years. Visit Stanford Graham is also the Executive Director of Sanacor International, Inc., producer of Cardio Miracle, the world’s premier Nitric Oxide/Vitamin D nutraceutical. Cardio Miracle is making waves in the health and wellness world because of its ground-breaking, peer-reviewed research into cardiovascular and immune system wellness and support. The benefits of nitric oxide and vitamin D are abundant and profound, and necessary for human longevity and vitality. Visit An elite athlete, Graham is close to establishing a new world record for the 50+ men’s mile run.

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