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Saving Children from a Life of Rape w/ Troy Brewer (Blood Money Episode 111)

Please consider donating to We are crowdfunded media, and thats how we keep lies and special interests out of the media. 😎DONATE: Headshot: Bio: Troy Brewer is the senior pastor of OpenDoor Church in Burleson, Texas. Known for delivering a powerful prophetic word for the year to come, his relevant and authentic teachings, amazing insights, and studies on the supernatural wonders of God bring simple understanding to complex Kingdom principles. Troy is the author of 11 books including the bestselling revelation “Redeeming Your Timeline: Supernatural Skillsets for Healing Past Wounds, Calming Future Anxieties, and Discovering Rest in the Now,” “Looking Up: How the Heavens Declare the Glory of God” and “Numbers that Preach: Understanding God’s Mathematical Lingo.” His books and prophetic revelations have been the subject of many conferences and broadcast guest appearances including It’s Supernatural! with Sid Roth, Dreams and Mysteries, The 700 Club (CBN), Marcus and Joni, Joni Table Talk (Daystar), Today with Ward and Arise with Patricia King (GOD-TV). The OpenDoor Experience, Troy’s television ministry, is seen worldwide on the Daystar Network and GOD-TV. His teachings can also be found on over 70 radio stations nationwide on “Experiencing Real Life with Troy Brewer” and his on-demand video service TroyBrewer.TV. A modern-day abolitionist, Troy has a holy hatred for slavery. In an effort to redeem girls and boys from the horrors of sex trafficking, he founded Troy Brewer Ministries which pays the debts of sex slaves in India, Southwest Asia, Nepal, Africa, Colombia, Mexico and Belize, setting them free in every way. Troy and his team give these precious girls and boys the food, shelter and medical care they need then set them on a path of redemption, salvation and transformation through Jesus. Troy and his tribe of drop-dead, sold-out Jesus freaks have rescued nearly 2,100 girls and boys– along with their nearly 3,000 children – since October of 2016. The cause of freedom is Troy’s life’s work for the Kingdom. Until Jesus comes, he will rescue the enslaved “one life at a time.” He also partners with SPARK Worldwide – a ministry founded by his wife, Leanna, to Serve Protect And Raise Kids – giving homes, food, education, clean water and medical care to orphans all over the world. Connect with Troy at where you can partner with him to rescue girls and boys from sex trafficking or join his prophetic mentorship program “The Prophetic Life.” Links:

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