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The First Woman to Cross Alaska Alone...

The First Woman to Cross Alaska Alone Brings Bravery Back to Journalism. Vem Miller interviews badass journalist extraordinaire Reinette Senum. When the chips were down in regards to the corruption of Dr Simone Gold, most in the freedom community turned a blind eye to what was going on, choosing to cover up the truth. Not Reinette Senum. Senum is an absolutist when it comes to exposing corruption, and so she decided to take on the Simone Gold case head on. What she has uncovered points to the idea that Dr Gold is affiliated with the deep state, which would explain a lot of things.

Back In 1994, Reinette Senum would become the first woman to cross Alaska alone. It would be during this isolated winter solo trek, which she filmed for National Geographic, that she learned, of all things, the power of community. Ultimately, lessons learned along the trail would become the catalyst for her community work later in life. For the last 20 years, Reinette has applied many lessons learned along the trail and focused on building her hometown of Nevada City, California as a more successful and resilient community. Through risk assessment, public outreach, and a daily hands-on/hard work ethic, she has been at the forefront of supporting Nevada City and her surrounding areas to prepare for a much more challenging and unpredictable future, as a council member, mayor, and community activist. It was during the summer of 2020, she stepped down from her third term on the city council because of the Covid-lies she witnessed within her local government. She was the only elected official to publicly call out California Governor Newsom for his illegal statewide mask mandate. It was then she saw a deep need for leadership at a much larger scale than she could provide in her little town. She ran for California Governor in the 2022 primaries with no party affiliation. Reinette is a truth-teller; even when the truths are hard. Right now we have some real hard truths that we have to deal with because of massive failures of leadership throughout California and the nation. She will always ask hard questions, even when it means making enemies. Reinette has made it her business to call out corruption around 5G, geoengineering, government, and the Covid-lies, to name a few. Today, she is conducting interviews and writing articles at as well as writing a book of her 1994 solo Alaskan crossing. You can find more on Reinette at: Substack: Personal Website: Reinette Senum’s Chew On This Bitchute Channel: https:// Telegram channel: Testifying before CA Assembly against 5G: watch?v=qmq-hVjF_3U&t=1s TheHighWire Interview, stepping down from city council: https:// Top 3 Social Media:

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