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The Gateway Pundit Journalist Alicia Powe (Blood Money Episode 142)

Blood Money Episode 142 Vem Miller interviews Award Winning Journalist Alicia Powe Twitter - @aliciapoweshow Please consider donating to America Happens and Blood Money. We are crowdfunded media, and thats how we keep lies and special interests out of the media. 😎DONATE: ALICIA POWE

Alicia is an investigative journalist and multimedia reporter. Alicia's work is featured on numerous outlets including the Gateway Pundit, World Net Daily, Townhall and Media Research Center, where she uncovers fraud and abuse in government, media, Big Tech, Big Pharma and public corruption. Alicia also worked as an undercover journalist with Project Veritas. She hosted a show on Red Voice Media until she began investigating January 6 full time.

Alicia also serves as Communications Director with the National Constitutional Law Union, an organization committed to legal defense of J6 political prisoners.

Alicia has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She served in the Correspondence Department of the George W. Bush administration and as a War Room analyst for the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee.

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