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The System Will Collapse. Your Choice is Slavery vs. Freedom

Updated: May 4, 2023

Vem Miller interviews Kent Lewiss. Kent Lewiss is a freedom loving successful entrepreneur who has evolved into a researcher and fan of knowledge which has led him to be a non-political Anarchist-Agorist-Voluntaryist who knows we create our own reality, or they create it for us. Kent is the founder of social research platform, and 9 other platforms including the agorist food marketplace Six years ago Kent saw the CBDC slave system being developed by central banks and to date has written six reports on the topic and is a 3-time speaker for G. Edward Griffin at Red Pill Expo.

Kent has developed entire ecosystems to live free from the coming bio-surveillance slave system including the 1776 Token which is not pegged to fiat currency and designed with a technological approach to live free and thrive.

Link to Lewiss Documents about Blockchain

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