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The Victims of Connie Reguli Speak Out

LIVE AIRS Friday April 7, 2023 6pm PST, 9pm EST

The documents and recordings that are discussed in the interview are available here for download. Please click on "Connie Reguli Documents", the tab thats on top of the page.

These recordings expose the horrible abuse suffered by the children of John David Cunningham, under the hands of Anton, Connie Reguli's son.

This abuse includes the 6 year old daughter of John David being "touched" by Anton, molested by Anton, hit over the head by Anton, being yelled at by Anton, and Anton getting in the bed of a 6 year old female child to "touch" her.

Vem Miller interviews multiple victims of Connie Reguli, whose lives have been destroyed, who carry life long scars from their horrendous experience with Connie Reguli. Many describe Connie Reguli as a criminal and liar. To top it off, evidence comes forth that Connie's own son Anton was molesting John David's 6 year old child, beating her, touching her, etc. Incidentially, just as John David found out that his 6 year old daughter was being molested by Anton, Connie Reguli started making false accusations against John David, in an obvious attempt to divert the attention from the real abuser, her own son Anton.

All reports indicate that the children are suffering horrible emotional damage due to the handy work of Connie Reguli, a destroyer of families, a destroyer of lives, a criminal.

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