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They are Geoengineering the planet, and it is killing you.

Vem Miller interviews Nikki Florio about the facts behind the United States Government Geoengineering our climate for nefarious purposes. Nikki has done her research and presents receipts. It is not a conspiracy theory that our government is taking destructive steps by destroying our environment via geoengineering... it is a fact! There are hundreds of patents, and pieces of evidence that show without a shadow of a doubt that utterly destructive steps are being taken to destroy our environment and cause mass genocide. Nikki argues that while the world is busy discussing lesser topics, this sort of militant use of climate engineering will ultimately lead to the destruction of the planet. This episode is a companion piece to Blood Money Episode 61 w/ Trent Loos, where we discuss how the same destructive steps are being taken toward animal protein. Between these two episodes Blood Money 61 and 62, it becomes conclusive that both our climate and food supply is being trifled with by nefarious forces within our government whose agenda is mass genocide and population control.

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