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Tina vs Goliath - How a Patriot Stood Up Against a Wholly Corrupt System.

Vem Miller interviews Tina Peters. Tina Peters life has been under full scale attack because she did the right thing. What did she do? In her capacity as a government official, her constitutional duty was to “Preserve election records.”

Well, unfortunately, these election records showed clear cut evidence of election fraud. Next what happened is that the makers of those election machines, Dominion, as well as officials within Colorado, began a full scale attack upon Tina’s reputation, credibility, her livelihood.

For those on the outside looking in, the testimony of Tina Peters makes it very clear; There is a cabal of very corrupt and treasonous individuals that want to make sure that we do not have fair and free elections. Behind the guise of these unnecessary are 10s of 1000s of avenues which allow for selections rather than elections via these voting machines.

Tina was flat out told that if she continued her pursuit of uncovering election fraud, her life would be in danger. Yet Tina has pursued in the cause of exposing our highly corruptible and dangerous election machines.

Tina is an American Hero, whose life is still under full scale attack, only because she chose to do the right thing.

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