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Updated: Apr 14

Las Vegas, Nevada - Vem Miller of The America Happens Network interviews a whistleblower on the Blood Money podcast. This Whistleblower reveals how the Chinese Communist Party is using U.S.A. Courts to harm and destroy American lives, and doing it with the help of Judges in the U.S.A. 

Link to the Blood Money episode which this article references. Please note, its 58 minutes long, set on loop: 

As if the persecution of former president Donald Trump through law-fare was not enough, the Blood Money podcast has learned how courts in the United States are being used by members of the CCP to file lawsuits against Americans, and with the help of American Judges, to enforce judgements against American Citizens. 

The Whistleblower exposes how the Chinese Communist Party protects their citizens from lawsuits by making it nearly impossible for an American to file a suit against, or enforce an American Judgement against, a Chinese citizen and / or business in China. 

The Whistleblower states “If I get a judgment in the United States against a Chinese entity and I want to go enforce that in China, It is nearly impossible to do so. There is no way realistically you can enforce an American judgment in China. Nearly impossible.”

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about U.S.A. courts, and U.S.A. judges, who have made it tremendously easy for Chinese Communist Party members, and / or Chinese Citizens, to come to the U.S.A., and file lawsuits against American businesses and American citizens. 

The Whistleblower states “The inverse is if you come to the United States with a Chinese judgment… An American court takes it. Says ‘thank you very much. It looks fairly proper.’”

“The American courts and the American system just lays themselves wide open, legs spread, so to speak…and says ‘come and take it, come and take whatever you like over here.’”

Furthermore, the Whistleblower gives specific examples of Chinese Communist Party members working within the United States, and within United States law firms, whose primary business is attaining judgements against U.S. Citizens, by Chinese individuals, interests and / or Chinese B\businesses. 

One of the individuals named by this whistleblower is a lawyer named Rongping Wu, who is a managing partner at DGW Kramer, LLP in New York City. 

A glance at the resume of Rongping Wu reveals benign details, for example, he received his LL.M. and LL.B. at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law. 

But further research reveals that this Southwestern University is not the one in the southwest of the U.S.A. Rather, this Southwestern University is in the southwest of China. 

The Whistleblower explains this Southwestern University of China is a breeding ground for “all of the high level appellate judges, and nearly all of the politicians who are sitting there” in the higher echelons of the Chinese Communist Party political system within China. 

The Whistle blower continues “Rongping Wu practiced very well, and was marinated into the highest echelons of Chinese political and legal society, and yet he is here in the United States as a managing partner (at DGW Kramer) and bringing in cases nearly routinely against American citizens and American interests in order to enforce what are called Chinese judgments that have been obtained over there in China.” 

“Sometimes it's against Chinese people who have fled China to the United States. And so when they fled an oppressive regime to the United States looking to be shielded from the oppression of those of those regimes abroad”, now the courts in the United States are allowing suits and judgements against these American Citizens.” 

This sort of behavior flies directly in opposition against the concept of why the United States of America was founded, to shield American Citizens against tyrannical regimes, like what you have over in China. 

The Whistleblower states that Rongping Wu should be registered as a “foreign agent”, but yet the legislature has done nothing to hold such actors accountable within the United States. 

Vem Miller questions “You would think that would be a code red moment for our politicians, to put regulations in place to prevent that kind of unequal behavior.” 

The Whistleblower replies “Correct. You would think that. But the question is, why haven't they? What are the benefits that these politicians receive for not addressing this glaring issue?” 

Furthermore, the Whistleblower explains how American judgements are uniformly enforced all across Europe, which is the standard behavior due to the “credibility” of Courts in the U.S.A. 

It would seem as though the once credible U.S.A. courts have fallen into the depths of corruption, politics and / or self interest. 

The Whistleblower states, the U.S. Courts have “become highly politicized, highly weaponized and highly charged…. millions upon millions of dollars, sometimes billions, are being spent on unjust persecutions.” 

Vem Miller asks “Shouldn’t that money be spent on fixing our legal system, that has clearly become corrupt and working against the interests of what is best for Americans?” 

The Whistleblower responds “You would think so.” 

On The America Happens Network, we have continued to expose the deep flaws of the U.S. legal system, including the persecution of former President Donald Trump, including the unlawful monopoly called the B.A.R. that governs the practice of law, including the family law courts in the U.S.A. which are often used as a tool to destroy families and alienate loving parents, and now we have learned that U.S.A. courts are supporting attacks on Americans via law-fare by foreign interests and / or foreign countries, whose political and legal system stands in stark contrast to the principles upon which this country was founded. 

All this occurs while the politicians in the legislature remain quiet about the issue, and one must ask, why the silence ? What do these politicians have to gain by turning a blind eye to this blatantly unbalanced, unequal and unfair approach within the so called courts of law in the United States? 


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