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Winning Back America w/ Jerone Davison - Blood Money Episode 109

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Bio: Jerone is a former Arizona State University student athlete and NFL player who travels the country sharing inspiration, passion, and faith. His unifying speeches full of truth, faith, and freedom of this country are memorable and moving. He spent his childhood growing up in the deep south in the small town of Picayune, MS. It was there that he and his family fell upon rough times, and Jerone dropped out of high school. Sometime later, Jerone was able to enroll into Solano Community College in Northern California, in which he broke school rushing records as a player on the college's football team. The once 'drop-out' became an inductee into the school's Football Hall of Fame. He accepted a full-ride scholarship from Arizona State University for football and was selected by the Los Angeles Rams. Frequently, as Jerone talks to youth, he retells his story and his example of how the American Dream can be achieved.


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