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Chlorine Dioxide helps to kill and flush spike proteins from your system, so they do not cause health issues. Build up of spike proteins has been linked to rise in lethal heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and many other ailments. The purest form of Chlorine Dioxide comes from TwinOxide. Each TwinOxide package contains enough Chlorine Dioxide for 6 months of use.  


Information about the Chlorine Dioxide / C-60 Complete Protocol

The Chlorine Dioxide and C-60 Combo has been described as the perfect 1 2 punch in detoxing your body from harmful spike proteins produced by the covid 19 vaccine.  

Doctor Joe Nieusma states "Combatting the potential damage from the MRNA Vaccine is a two pronged approach. You need an oxidative therapy and an anti-oxidative therapy. You have the anti-oxidative therapy with the C60 Complete. There are plenty of studies on C60 and benefits available on Pubmed, but Please beware of the hit pieces online. These are based on impure C60 that has solvents. C60 by LiveLongerLabs is the best and pure with no solvents or sidechains." 

"You also need an oxidative therapy to quickly and efficiently eliminate the spike protein. The studies show that Chlorine Dioxide is an effective oxidative product. Our Chlorine Dioxide is of the highest quality and straight forward to use." 

Both products are necessary in order to flush the system of harmful spike proteins, and Dr Joe Neisema recommends that the TwinOxide diluted in water be drunk drink first and allow an hour to two then take the C60 at that point.

Chlorine Dioxide

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