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A New Health Paradigm - w/ Justin Ballard and Andrew Serafini

Blood Money Eps 89 #2

Medicine 1.0 is a failed corrupt mess. Here, Justin Ballard and Andrew Serafini speak about Medicine 2.0, and incorporating the power of the mind over healing. Justin speaks from his own experiences of healing himself and teaching others to heal. Please consider donating to We are crowdfunded media, and thats how we keep lies and special interests out of the media. 😎DONATE:

Justin Ballard Bio: Justin Ballard is a scientist, inventor, technology expert, and a well-known public speaker on frequency healing, water science, and human genetics. He formerly worked for Fortune 500 companies creating platforms for nationwide analytics. He has invented algorithms involving speech patterns and obtained a U.S. technology patent for work on human vision abnormalities. In 2013, Justin experienced first hand the efficacy of his healing work when he experienced a life- threatening illness that left the country's top physicians puzzled into both the cause and any viable treatment. Through the application of his own discoveries and creations in advanced quantum science and ancient healing techniques, he was able to completely recover without any trace of symptoms. Having experienced the impossible himself, Justin became inspired to learn, create, and refine techniques and technology that can impart this experience to others. “The narrow lens of Newtonian physics is falling away, and it is vital we educate people into the true nature of what is possible in their lives and health….This is not esoteric, but mathematically proven in the science and nature.”

"I am both inspired to share my work globally with large science concepts and applications, as well as create a space for individuals to come that can help align and support their health and wellness. I do not propose to cure or treat anything, but simply want to share the science of what can support our health and well-being. There is so much we know, so much other areas of the world are doing, and I am committed to bringing forth any knowledge and applications that can help people live with less suffering, and greater joy. “

Andrew Serafini Bio: Andrew Serafini is the Founder of Light Dove Ministries, a ministry designated to serving humanity, and to bringing God-focused principles, prayer, and healing to health and wellness. Mr. Serafini recently joined the pastoral team at the Church of Glad Tidings where he will be spearheading the Light of Life Health & Wellness Center to bring health solutions to God’s people. Andrew is a United States Air Force veteran firefighter/medic, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, a pioneer in cannabinoid medicine, and he is currently in production on the first version of the Light Dove platform ( The Light Dove platform will serve as a conduit to active prayer groups, natural therapies, health protocols, vetted health products, community forms, effective CV19 therapies, food sovereignty programs, preparation strategies, detox programs, health coaching, hands on educational courses, and spiritual counseling. Mr. Serafini is the proud godson of Dr. Judy A. Mikovits.

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