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Child Kidnapping and Ransom Crimes in the USA w/ Jennifer Destefano

Blood Money Episode 94 w/ Jennifer Destefano "Child Kidnapping and Ransom Crimes in the USA" Jennifer Destefano Bio: At about 4:55 Pm, Friday afternoon, Jennifer Destefano received a call from an “unknown” number while arriving to her younger daughter’s dance studio. She decided to pick up the phone as her older daughter, Briana was training for a ski race with her brother and father and she had time to take a phone call. As she answered the phone on speaker phone, she heard Briana’s voice saying “Mom” sobbing and crying. As Jennifer Proceeded to ask Brianna what happened, she responded “mom, I messed up” continuing to cry. Just then, a man’s voice instructed Briana to “lay down, [and] put [her] head back” to which Briana’s voice pleaded back to her mother “Bad men have me, help me mom, help me”. Suddenly, the Man got back on the phone and threatened to harm Briana by drugging her, abusing her and dumping her dead body in Mexico if he did not receive a ransom. As the man made his threats, Jennifer entered the dance studio panicked. Surrounded by other moms Jennifer started looking for answers, the other moms coming together to witness the events and joining together to find solutions. One mom called 911, another mom took her younger daughter’s phone and tried to contact Brianas father, a third mom stayed with Jennifer to listen in on the phone call. During the process, the man demanded $1 million and then reduced it to $50,000. He Refused to give wire instructions and demanded that cash must be in hand for a physical pick up. He advised that Jennifer be picked up with a bag over her head, in a white van to be transported to Briana after the cash exchange. After working together with multiple phone calls, 911 informed Jennifer that there is an AI scam going around that can easily mimic voice, inflection, and even mimic a child crying. Police dispatch was requested and, on the way, due to the demands of the physical abduction of Jennifer. After speaking with 911, the second mom who was making phone calls located Briana’s’ father who reassured her that Briana is with him. Jennifer doesn’t believe her daughter is in both places due to the AI voice being an exact replica and speaks to Briana directly for reassurance before discrediting the kidnappers and hanging up. Police are contracted to file a report, but a report is not taken since no money was transferred and no physical abduction had occurred, only intent. Only emotional support can be offered. The entire call took place in just under four minutes.

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