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Dr. Ben Marble - Giving Medical Services for Free in the name of God

Donate DIRECTLY to Dr. Ben Marble at

Donate DIRECTLY to Dr Ben Marble at

Please consider donating to We are fully crowdfunded, and thats how we stay away from money that influences Information and News. Please consider donating to us.

Dr. Ben Marble is a ‘Free Doctor that tries to follow Jesus even if he feels like he doesn’t ‘always succeed’. He was dubbed “genius” by Uncle Sam at 7 years old when his IQ tested at 156. He has a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science with minors in chemistry & psychology. He became an MD in 1997, completed a 3-year Family Practice residency in the year 2000, and worked over 20 years as an ER physician having completed over 40,000 hours as an ER physician and part time work in Urgent Care with over 5,000 hours in ER making him “board eligible” in ER via ABPSUS. He became the ‘First MD To Treat Pts For FREE All 50 States’. Ben Marble is CEO & Founder of, Nobel Prize Nominee, inventor, guitarist, songwriter, surfer, artist, writer, animal lover, thinker. He is known by some as Dr. O and others as Kentucky Colonel Marble and he participated in America’s Frontline Doctor’s and White Coat Summit October 16th and 17th in Washinton, DC in 2000.

Top Three Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: @MarbleBenjamin

Truth Social: Benmarblemd

Instagram: benmarblemd

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