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Is Nephi Khaliki about to take down Nevada GOP Chair Michael McDonald?

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Vem Miller interviews Nephi Khaliki about his investigations into Nevada GOP Chair Michael McDonald and Clark County Republican Party Chair Jesse Law.

Bio: Nephi Khaliki is a former Las Vegas bounty hunter who is credited with over 700 fugitive captures. He is a long-time private investigator who has worked for over 22-years in behind-the-scenes Nevada politics. He assisted the FBI in locating and arresting the second youngest securities fraudster in US history, Cole Bartiromo, in 2001 and facilitated the recovery of over $1.2 million dollars. He has captured 2 of Las Vegas' Most Wanted and recently assisted the FBI in apprehending an individual on the terrorist watchlist, potentially averting a mass shooting in Las Vegas.

In 2014, Nephi founded the Las Vegas Gunfights, a full-contact gunfight training sport that is famous all over the world in many tactical circles. In 2019, Nephi founded Vegas CCW and set multiple records for the largest CCW classes in US history. Vegas CCW is now the #1 CCW provider in Clark County. He has certified more than 23,000 citizens to carry a concealed weapon in more than 30 states. He is also the founder of the Concealed Carriers Union of America that works to protect the rights of concealed carriers across the country.

Nephi is the host of the Double Tap Show on KDWN 101.5 FM and is the #1 weekend program in Las Vegas.

Top Social Media:

Instagram: @gunfightacademy YouTube: @DoubleTapShow

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