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Nevada Court Terrorism? Murder For Hire by Judges? w/ Katherine Hine and Barbera Stone

Nevada Court Terrorism, Murder For Hire by Judges - And the Solution to their Corrupt System. For the Notices that Katherine Hine Discusses in this interview, please click on the following link, and see the 2nd heading and PDF link.

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Katherine Hine practiced family and criminal law over 40 years in the de facto tribunals of STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF OHIO. Once she began to grasp the massive frauds being committed by the corporate employees known as “judges”, she resigned in disgust on July 4, 2019. Since that time, she has helped form and is now administering a common law assembly in Ohio, beginning with the Ohio Circuit Court of Record [ ]. Plans are underway to form a common law grand jury. Hine encourages participation from those learning common law and techniques for disengaging from the corporate legal system. During 2015-2017, she hosted radio shows with WLJA and BlogTalk radio now archived at and and now broadcasts about common law: She currently helps those who are actively resisting the corporate crimes that corporate “judges” enable, to use common law solutions. The common law 3-Notice process has been helping to empower those whose lives have been compromised by forced psychiatry, mass incarceration, human trafficking, corporate land grabs, weaponized corporate medicine, and predatory guardianship. Hine continues to serve as executive director of the Ohio Network for Children in Chillicothe, Ohio. In 2008-2009 Hine was instrumental in utilizing citizen initiative to free the people of Chillicothe, Ohio from the traffic surveillance system being forced upon them by corporate actors. She has authored articles critical of forced psychiatry in the Columbus Free Press and, a book review for Activist Post and one article addressing retaliation against mandated child abuse reporters: Exposé: The Failure of Family Courts to Protect Children. She can be reached at, or through the Ohio Circuit Court of Record at

Barbara Stone is a former real estate attorney who practiced law for over 25 years with prominent national firms in NY and Florida. Barbara only handled real estate matter and not being involved in litigation, she was unaware of the extent of corruption & criminality that infests the so called “legal system”. Barbara retired from law after she herself became embroiled in the government racket known as “guardianship” when her mother was kidnapped. She became a powerful whistleblower and has been relentlessly retaliated to attempt to silence her. Barbara was stripped of her law certificate after she retired from law, having no client complaints& having a letter from the Bar thanking her for her many years of service. Of course the Bar had no jurisdiction once she retired to strip her of her Bar certificate, but that is another retaliation tactic. Barbara became a real estate broker & Vice President in the NY office of Corcoran, a prominent real estate brokerage firm.As the endless progression of crimes against victims are intended to consume their lives,Barbara left her career & launched a forum to help victims of the child trafficking & guardian rackets. She heads a group of hundreds of victims all over the country. Barbara has announced her candidacy for Peoples President in 2024 to have a viral platform to speak truth to tyranny and a forum to unite the public to take lawful action for remedy. Barbara wants the public to understand that the U.S. has waged a War against Humanity by stealing and depriving the people of their Unalienable Rights to financially profit from seizing their families, property, liberty and lives. This is done by engineering void, unlawful man-made “codes” in the guise of “laws” and jurisdiction-less so called “judicial employees” who perpetrate crimes in the guise of a “court proceeding.” Barbara wants the victims & public to WAKE UP & understand the several simple factors at the root of the government war to avoid remaining in the deliberate government maze: 1. that although it is made to appear the crimes originate with color of law judicial employees, it is the legislative & executive employees who orchestrate the rackets by their unlawful, illegal “codes” that steal, strip & deprive our Unalienable Rights. 2. their rights stripping codes are void on their face & must be removed from our taxpayer records. 3. our Unalienable Rights are our most valuable possessions & it is up to us to protect them. 4. the government itself is not going to “self-correct” its deliberate trillion dollar human trafficking business &remedy will only come from We the People acting urgently & in unity. 5. we no longer even have a legitimate government as all agencies & branches are corporations registered with Dun & Bradstreet. These corporate contractors are government imposters under their own code called 18 USC 912 with no jurisdiction, authority or legitimacy and their criminal acts are in their personal capacity.


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