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Rescue the Fosters, Rescuing the Kids from CPS w/ Sylvia Beachy

(Eps 95)

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Headshot: Bio: Rescue The Fosters is founded by Sylvia Beachy and Kajal Emmett (KK). Sylvia Beachy has 5 years of experience working in the foster system. Shad had many roles that include staff member, Case Manager, Transporter, Parent Aide, and Behavior Aide. She started out as a staff member at Elks Aidmore group home which is where she met KK. KK was a foster youth at Elks Aidmore! KK aged out of the system with no place to go! This began the journey of Rescue The Fosters. Our mission is to give the children and youth in foster care a voice! We also provide resources to youth aging out of the system to keep them off the streets and out of prisons! Additionally, we strive to keep families together! Therefore, we assist families navigating the CPS!


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