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The Truth I learned about Cancer when my Daughter Became Sick with Ric Schiff

Blood Money Episode 96 w/ Ric Schiff. Vem Miller interviews Ric Schiff.

Ric Schiff Bio: In the fall of 1993, my oldest children were Crystin and Gwendolyn, identical twins that would turn 4 years old in February. I noticed that Crystin had become unusually irritable just before Christmas. A short time later I noticed that Crystin’s pupils were dilated and slow to respond. The doctors there confirmed that Crystin had a large brain tumor. The next morning they informed us that the cancer had coated Crystin’s entire central nervous system, spine and all. The pathologist determined Crystin’s tumor to be an extremely rare and fatal cancer called the malignant rhabdoid tumor. We were told that because of the combined effects of chemo and radiation, there would be a higher possibility of death in the short run. At the end of 6 months, Crystin’s treatments were finished and the tumor was 95% gone. We knew it would come back soon, however, and then there would be nothing left to do. My wife and I began reading through alternative cancer books and learned of a clinic in Houston that seemed to be having success with brain tumors. I contacted the Burzynski Research Institute and began to investigate his treatment for our daughter. The more research I did, the more criticism I heard from other doctors. Crystin's oncologist was concerned and asked us to speak to a colleague of his who supposedly knew all about Dr. Burzynski. Eighteen months after starting on Dr. Burzynski’s treatment Crystin was still cancer free. My wife and I had been living a miracle as each successive MRI showed Crystin improving. By December 27th, the tumor was widespread in her brain again. We immediately put Crystin back on Dr. Burzynski’s treatment. In 3 weeks, her tumor was reduced by 20%. In 9 weeks, the cancer was completely gone. The UCSF oncologists decided for some unknown reason that Crystin was not worth saving and refused to treat her anymore. Our own doctor was brought before the UCSF ethics board twice over this issue. All that came of it was that the UCSF oncologist had some unexplained prejudice against Crystin. On July 29, 1995, the bravest and strongest little girl I have ever known died absolutely cancer free. Her autopsy revealed the ultimate cause of death was brain damage as a result of radiation and chemotherapy. We believed in our daughter until the very end. We had seen her fight back from near death before, and we were sure she would do it again. What we didn’t know was that the treatment she had received from UCSF was not actually what we had been told it would be. No matter what cure we had found, Crystin would have died because of the effects of radiation. He felt that we would be grateful for his extending her life a few months, so why tell us. Of course, he wasn’t planning on us going to Dr. Burzynski and having our little girl cured.


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