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What Really Happened on J6!

As someone who was at J6, what was portrayed on TV couldn’t have been more vastly different then what happened in real life. The rally was peaceful until Capitol police started shooting flash bang grenades indiscriminately into the crowd causing mayhem, injury, and death. The biased two tier justice system between patriots upset about a questionable election, and BLM rioters who set fire to the city just months earlier…have not gone unnoticed. Corrupt Congress members and their paid shills in the media blew up J6 to be an “attack on democracy” to run cover for themselves, and demonize anyone who dare question these criminals in DC, the unconstitutional covid tyranny they unrolled out, government censorship of citizens and journalists, and the highly questionable 2020 election we still haven’t gotten answers for. Now that Elon has freed Twitter, and given political discourse a new life…we have a chance to expose what really happened that day, and why the powers that be lied about it.

You can find me uncensored on GAB @AmericanAFMindy Twitter @iHeartMindy Facebook and please check out my Rumble page: and new series on America Happens: Conspiracy Truths.

Only the Truth will set Us Free.

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