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Why We Must Rebuild a Better America After The Fall w/ Karolina Stancik - Eps 139

Vem Miller interviews Karolina Stancik. Blood Money Episode 139 Please consider donating to America Happens and Blood Money. We are crowdfunded media, and thats how we keep lies and special interests out of the media. 😎DONATE:

Karolina is a 23 year old athlete who joined the Army National Guard in 2021 in order to protect and serve her country. She went into intelligence with hopes to pursue counter terrorism and anti-human trafficking. To serve, she was required to take the COVID-19 vaccine, but her life has been permanently altered because of it. After two doses of the Moderna vaccine, Karolina has had three heart attacks and a mini stroke, and she suffers from multiple other ailments and complications because the vaccine. The specialists she has had to visit include the following: neurology, neuro ophthalmology, cardiology, and pulmonary. The future of her health is uncertain. Now, TRICARE, the military medical system, is not paying her medical bills, and she stands to face more than $70,000 in medical debt on top of the tens of thousands in treatment and travel costs that will be required to get her the proper medical care to hopefully recover fully.

Give send go link that has been created to help support the financial side of things is listed below:

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